Q: What is Cannacoin?

A: Cannacoin is a volunteer managed service based cryptocurrency project for the cannabis community and was first deployed on March 28, 2014 as a solution to the "cash only" predicament set on growers, dispensaries, and consumers alike through Federal regulation as well as a response to the Global Financial Crisis of 2008. It is the evolution of distributed computing and the BitTorrent protocol. It was the brainchild of the pseudonymous Subtoshi, the founder of the popular, but now defunct, "NWGT.org" (Northwest Green Thumb) online medical cannabis forum based in the Pacific Northwest. It is a new form of electronic money called "cryptocurrency" similar to Litecoin, Dogecoin, and other "altcoins" and is intended for use within the independent, medical, and recreational cannabis communities as a medium of exchange, a unit of account, and a store of value for cannabis and cannabis related products and services, worldwide.

Cannacoin(CCN) was proudly released under fair distribution with 0.00% pre-mine and no ICO. Cannacoin transitioned to "Proof of Stake" at block 370,000 on December 9th, 2014 with a nominal stake interest of 2% annually. There were 4,625,000 CCN mined during the "Proof of Work" phase. Cannacoin has a max supply of 13,140,000.

Q: Why Cannacoin?

A: Simply put, we need Cannacoin and other altcoins because someday Bitcoin will be too precious to spend on everyday purchases such as cannabis.

Who are We?

We're just like you... We get it. We are a strong and talented team of cannabis proponents and tech professionals with years of combined experience in cryptocurrency and the cannabis industry under our belts. We all wanted something better and we saw a future in cryptocurrency.

Let's face it, handling all that cash is an extremely risky effort plus banks are a hassle for cannabis businesses. The world is changing. The idea behind our project is that, simply put, Bitcoin is becoming too valuable to spend on everyday purchases like cannabis and that cryptocurrency, in one form or another, will eventually be ubiquitous.

Cannacoin is smarter, more efficient, and safer than traditional money.

Our Call

We propose that the Drug War has been a complete and utter failure of our rights and civil liberties as well as a health crisis of monumental proportions. The prohibition of cannabis has led to the proliferation of dangerous gangs and even more dangerous and deadly street drugs. It has also weakened the health of the general population by removing hemp from the food chain where it had been a staple for thousands of years.

Since 2014, Cannacoin has had no major purpose other than to facilitate cannabis transactions but that is going to change. We are now making a bold move forward and have decided to align forces with NORML.org for the expansion of cannabis legalization as a community service.

Wellness, safe access, and harm reduction is what Cannacoin is what Cannacoin strives for.

Our Mission

We want to be your coin of choice for cannabis.

We want to bring Cannacoin to the masses to make the world a better and safer place. We have some innovative ideas on how to do so. Since 2014 we have operated under the philosophy of freedom, community, and service. We are a cryptocurrency for the cannabis community, worldwide with a purpose because Bitcoin is quickly becoming too precious to spend.

Cannacoin is efficient, transparent, and secure. It is a seamless experience. What are you waiting for?

Cannacoin, Cannachan, and Cannacoin Pay POS are all open-source and available for audit or contribution on GitHub https://github.com/cannacoin-official

The Cannacoin Cryptocurrency Project

Josh and James D. of NWGT.org
Creators (resigned)

Brent K. aka deusopus of Grass Haus Studios
Project Lead

Tom B. aka 8-bit of Grass Haus Studios
Technical Support

Special Thanks to: Satoshi Nakamoto, Charlie Lee, Craigslist, NWGT.org, IRC, YouTube, BitcoinTalk Forum, Reddit, the original development team, Discord, The Reddcoin Team, VashTheStampede, tokyopotato, CryptoKid, GodCloud, promad, cookietoshi, walledgarden, Bill48105, mat195, Hel, mrhobbeys, Mik0, Brian Tugmon, Doc, Nathan, Grimnir (May He Rest in Peace) and the many other devoted and colorful influencers and contributors over the years. We would truly be lost without you.

Contact Us: hello@info.cannacoin.org

Road Map

(Subject to change)
  1. Phase 1
    • Recruit Volunteers
    • Build our Discord Community
    • Release a whitepaper
    • Launch a block explorer
    • Raise funds
    • Hire a software engineer
    • Release an upgraded wallet for Windows, MacOS, and Linux
    • Enlist to an exchange
  2. Phase 2
    • Recruit a legal team
    • Employ a payment processor
    • Subscribe to a risk management service
    • Hire a technical support team
    • Appoint a customer service representative
    • Enroll a social media marketing and promotion firm
    • Enlist a sales team
  3. Phase 3
    • Reach out to cannabis growers, retailers, publications, cannabis influencers, and cannabis celebrities for collaboration
    • Release our mobile social networking wallet, Cannachan
    • Release our retail POS solution, Cannacoin Pay POS
    • Deploy our online payment processing plug-in Cannacoin Pay Online
    • Place Cannacoin kiosks (CannATM) at participating retailers
  4. Phase 4
    • Release an Ethereum token with improved economics and utility over the existing coin called "Cannacoin Unlimited"


deusopusCannacoin Rap by Dr. Puppet ft DJ CryptoKid & MC deusopus

In gracious memory of Phil Cohen aka RebPhil
Original Lead Developer
RIP 2015